About Meshi

I believe that radical presence requires radical attentiveness. Movement is our birthright; it has the power to animate feeling, and breathe life into all of creation. My mission as a dancer, instructor and choreographer is focused on reconfiguring the mind to embrace the unknown, and linger there long enough for intuition and the body’s intelligence to arise and flourish through creativity.

My life’s work is fueled by what poet John O’Donohue refers to as “a divine restlessness in the human heart” I continue to seek experiences that unearth the beauty, richness and complexity of the human condition. I’m inspired by themes of longing and belonging. My practice is rooted in the traditions of Butoh, draws from Latinx culture and Indigenous spiritual knowledge systems while embracing the Zen Buddhist philosophy that we live moment to moment.

My revisionist approach to choreography, is the way I confront Supremacy inherited through our collective cultural trauma. It begins with stripping away ideas of what dance should or could be, thus shifting energy towards creative possibilities that exist when we learn to trust our instincts. I then focus on the method of distillation–refining movement to essential gestures. Finally, I allow no wasted space, I approach every moment in the work (both active and passive) with equal curiosity. This process encourages and strengthens a palpable presence in dance that holds space for movements of joy, discovery, and delight. My work creates space for the audience to permeate the invisible boundaries between themselves and the performer, and the performer to to permeate the invisible boundaries between themselves and the divine.

Meshi Chavez’s career has spanned two decades allowing him to teach, present and perform nationally and internationally. His work is predicated on the concept that creativity is our birthright. Through the discipline of training the mind, body and spirit, we learn to claim this creative force, and build from there. He has taught at Schumacher College and Middlebury College where he choreographed Dance Company Middlebury 2019-2020. His choreography has been presented at The Joan Mitchell Foundation in New Orleans. Chavez is currently co-founder of Momentum Conscious Movement, where he has been creating ongoing adult movement education programing for more than 20 years. He works internationally with author, scholar and theologian Matthew Fox, teaching Movement as Meditation, with a recent online course through The Shift Network. His mentors include choreographers Denise Fujiwara and Natsu Nakajima. He believes that cultivating creativity, strengthening curiosity, and embracing the unknown, is the secret to making an artful life.

“Meshi is an extraordinary teacher who teaches with heart and head and body and from a deep place where Spirit moves and awakens and heals.  Students of course love him!” Matthew Fox


Crossing – A New Solo – Work in Progress
Choreographed and Danced by Meshi Chavez
Music by Lisa DeGrace
Dramaturgy and direction by Denise Fujiwara

Lorro: of wings and seas –
The 9th Asia pacific triennial of contemporary art, Brisbane Australia — 2019 Meshi Chavez
Spoken Word – Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner
Performed- Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner

Being Moved Performance Intensive with Meshi Chavez-  2017

Artistic Collaboration – Portland Art Museum  – 2015

Suspended Moment Performance – Hiroshima Remembrance Day 2017


You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.
– Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

There are several opportunities to study with Meshi Chavez. He offers weekly drop-in online classes, Audio classes, Independent Study programs, and several workshops through out the year.

Weekly classes
All classes currently are being offered through Zoom or Audio 

Butoh Foundations (Online Class)
Monday nights, 6p – 715p (PST)
$25 – $5 sliding scale
Zoom – Online class or 7 day access to Audio of class
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Sunday Morning Dance
Sundays, 10a- 11:15a (PST)
$25 – $5 sliding scale
Held at:
Zoom – Online class
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Inquiry- Independent Study Program
Personalized Independent Movement Program
Deepen your personal practice, explore your creative desires.
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Butoh  Intensive: Presence – Practice – Creation with Meshi Chavez

Delve deeper into your movement practice and develop your artistry in this new Butoh workshop. Join choreographer Meshi Chavez for this 3-month journey into an engaged creation process. Together in a focused intimate group we will work with tools of presence, practice, and performance. Each participant will be given identical choreographic content, and each will enter into their own home rehearsal process, leading to your own unique arrangement of the movement at hand. Butoh Intensiveis an opportunity to step towards development and deepening of your own choreographic choices. During this intensive each dancer will receive one on one mentoring to support this creative endeavor, workshopped tools of presence and performance, and bi – weekly audio teachings. We will work towards a final showing of 5 – 8 minute solos of deeply explored and truly essential material.

Our time together will include 4 Zoom Workshop Weekends 
Saturdays Noon – 2 PST and Sundays Noon – 2 PST.
Module 1: March 13 & 14 2021
Module 2: April 10th & 11th 2021
Module 3: May 8th & 9th 2021
Final Showing: May 29th (Time TBA)
Audio teaching will be released every 2 weeks –
Introducing new Choreographic Tasks that solos will be built from.
2x per month- Phone/Zoom Individual Mentoring Session
Cost: Sliding Scale $695 – $495
Space is limited to 8 Participants

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Aquinas @ Orvieto 5 day Course with Matthew Fox & Meshi Chavez
Dates TBA 2021                                                                                                                                                        Join Meshi Chavez, Matthew Fox, and friends for a unique opportunity to study and dance the spiritual teaching of Thomas Aquinas in Orvieto Italy.
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Where I Stand is Sacred: A Year Long Movement Program
A year long movement inquiry program
Led by Meshi Chavez and Winky Wheeler
2022 Date TBA
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